Established in 2010, Unitas is a technology enabled, nationally licensed insurance brokerage that partners with key "point-of-need" providers of products that drive a need for insurance. Unitas integrates with partner companies to provide insurance offers suited to the underlying product – e.g. Mortgage brokers sell mortgages which require homeowners insurance.


Unitas provides a cost effective, flexible, reliable and experienced resource, which enables companies to implement and manage profitable strategic insurance initiatives without the need for additional FTE or technology. Our systems and personnel have passed the scrutiny of compliance, security and service level audits by some of the largest and most trusted financial institutions in Canada. We have the experience and resources to maximize profitability by striking a balance between sales and underwriting requirements and understand how to effectively grow an insurance business. Unitas has partnered with some of the most recognized and trusted insurance carriers in Canada to offer a wide range of competitive insurance products and pricing.


Unitas creates insurance programs that combine leading edge technology with traditional, personal contact. Our technology seamlessly integrates with existing sales platforms to deliver timely and accurate referrals to our insurance centre. Unitas then contacts your customers on your behalf to complement your existing product offer with an appropriate insurance offer. We do all of this on your behalf, with customers' permission and we do not compete with you for your customers. We enhance your product and service offer while you maintain control of your customers.


Additional Revenue
Referral fee or equity partnership models can be created using our brand or a private label approach.

Customer Retention
Retain your customers after you do all acquisition work by layering on additional products via repeat marketing. A customer is much more likely to stay with you if you have a multiproduct relationship with them.

Low Cost Repeat Marketing
Insurance contracts renew annually and Unitas markets to your customers on your behalf through co-branding or private label with (at minimum) annual touch points.

Feedback Loop
Reporting on all customer interactions, and referrals back to you on sales or service opportunities that present themselves during the course of business.

You maintain control of the referral process and all customer contacts are on your behalf.


The principals and staff of Unitas have over 20 years of extensive experience in creating, marketing and administering a wide range of insurance programs.

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